Little Bird

Little bird
Don’t be sad
Little bird

Your wings
Aren’t perfect
Little bird
Little bird

You’ve been hurt
Once again
Feeling weak

Looking up
Watch ’em fly
Wishing you
Could know why

Little bird
You’ll fly again
Spread your wings
Feel the wind

Little bird
It might be harder
Little bird
Little bird

You have done
This before
Time and again
Now once more

Know the drill
First you heal
Let it rest
Then rebuild

Little bird
Fly high
Use the wind
Feel it sigh

Little bird
Don’t look down
Little bird
Little bird

Because you understand what it’s like not to fly
You appreciate much more each moment that you soar

You are stronger for each time you have to fight for the sky
Though you can’t fly like the others, you’re better for your faulty wings

Be grateful for your faulty wings
Without them you wouldn’t have learned anything

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