What’s Your Dream?

I have many dreams. Some as silly as shaving my hair off and wearing wigs so I can have a different hair color and style each day. (Admit it, it would be fun! One day, a blonde with long, silky hair. The next, a brunette with curls.) Some as magical as traveling the world and studying the different dance forms of each culture. In small ways, such dreams can be realized. Like becoming a dark-haired vixen for Halloween, with a make-up job convincing enough that people think I’d look good with black hair. (If they only knew what that wig looked like on me before the make-up was applied!) And most recently, for the past month or so, I’ve begun delving into the glamorous world of Ballroom dancing. I’ve been interested in learning Ballroom for years, and I’ve finally done something about it (with some friendly nudging.)

First of all, with this whole dance experiment I’ve been doing, it’s really helped me not only to still dance AND heal, but also to get my Achilles tendons stronger without re-injury. This has prepared me to be physically able to take dance classes. So…the dance experiment worked! A success!

Second of all, I’m loving Ballroom. I come home from each class mentally reviewing what I just learned and itching to practice, practice, practice. I’ll catch myself working on my steps while walking the dogs, or reflexively tightening my abdominal muscles driving to work in the morning because I’m picturing the dance steps and techniques in my head. I’m not sure I remember a time when dancing has excited me quite this much. But then, it’s been a long time since I’ve studied a new dance form.

Thirdly, when I can no longer afford the Ballroom lessons, I plan to go social dancing and do my best to maintain what I’ve learned through continual practice. This will help me not only to continue to dance (Yay!), but will help my body continue to grow stronger, and when I can afford more Ballroom lessons, I won’t be starting from scratch again.

So far, the Achilles tendons are doing well. They have healed and they are getting stronger week by week. Hopefully, this trend will continue.

I’m grateful to be able to do something that I love and that brings me so much joy. I realize what an incredible gift that is. Do you have dreams? Care to share? Have any of them come true? Do you want them to? If you could wear a wig tomorrow, what color of hair would you want?

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4 Responses to What’s Your Dream?

  1. Great blog! I’ve always wanted to be blonde, and now I am!

  2. Charlo says:

    So your expecting that you won’t be able to afford them soon? Just started reading so maybe that’s a past post. Great you found a loophole for your Achilles.

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