Tell Me Why

Why do I love dancing?

This is the question I had to answer in my Speech class for College this semester. I thought it made a good subject to blog about.

Why does anyone love anything? Usually, common answers are that the “thing” gives us pleasure, makes us happy, is fulfilling, makes a difference, is fun, etc… I guess all these answers apply to my love for dancing.

To be a little more specific, however, I love dancing for the emotional outlet it provides, the enjoyable way it enables me to exercise and stay in shape, and the way it helps me to communicate and express myself on a much deeper level than just words can supply.

The emotional outlet of dancing is wonderfully therapeutic. For me, it is the equivalent to someone hammering on a punching bag. When stressed, frustrated, sad, or excited, I can siphon out my excess emotions into my dancing. It gives me a release.

Dancing is just plain fun. And what better way to exercise and stay in shape than to have fun doing it?! It almost feels like cheating that you can have such a great time and get an incredible work-out out of it.

Lastly, dancing allows me to communicate with people on a very intimate level. It helps me to convey the feelings of my heart in a way that words simply cannot comprehend. And that is simply beautiful.

And there you have it, three reasons why I love dancing. What do you love to do? Why do you love it?

Go to to watch my choreography to Demi Lovato’s “Two Pieces.”

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