Stay Alive

Verse 1

I went wild the other day
Completely wild, run away
From me
Run away from me

I had to blow off some steam
Or erupt disastrously
Not pretty
None of this is pretty


But I could feel it
Building in my chest
All along, all along
All week long

And last night
It was let it out or die
And I want, I want
To stay alive


So I scream till my throat’s raw
And I sing, my notes just off
And I swing real fast and hard
Swinging my heart along like a pendulum

So I laugh until I cry
And I dance till my feet die
And I play all night and day
Playing my heart away like it’s not breaking

Verse 2

I went crazy last night
Took my friends for the ride
Got drunk
As good as drunk

On my pent-up emotions
Riding high on disappointment
Missing you
I’m always missing you

Repeat Pre-Chorus

Repeat Chorus


You are the one to blame
You drive me completely insane

Repeat Chorus

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