There’s No Such Thing As Disability

Watching videos of dancers with disabilities such as missing limbs is so inspiring. They are truly beautiful to behold. It makes me wonder how I could ever believe, as I did for a time, that I couldn’t dance. All I could see was what I couldn’t do. I failed to see how much I still could do. How could I be so blind?

I’ll never forget one night, not so very long ago in fact, I was mourning the fact that, yet again, I had injured my Achilles tendons. Things had been going so well. I had been getting a lot stronger, was able to do so much more. And then, once again, the dreaded injury was back to haunt me. I was in my room, playing music (which I often do – you should see the stacks of CDs all over my dressers). I began moving to the music, letting my frustration, my sorrow out in my movements, when this thought came to me. “You can dance” it said. And, in my head, I said back “Show me how. I don’t know how.” And then, I danced. It was that night I started researching the world of dancers with disabilites. Achilles tendon problems is nothing in comparison to missing limbs, paralysis, etcetera. But it gives me some small idea into what it might be like for them.

Let me take a moment to praise every dancer out there who continues to dance despite whatever their disability may be. You inspire me. You help me see what I was blind to before. You give me joy. With all my heart, I thank you. You are beautiful. So very beautiful.

Got to to watch some awesome, beautiful dancing by a man with a missing leg and a woman with a missing arm.

Go to to watch dancers perform in wheelchairs and other awesomeness.

Go to for my explanation and variation to the kick ball change and pivot turn.

Go to for a sneak peak at my choreography for Demi Lovato’s “Two Pieces.”

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