Behind The Scenes

Let me describe for you in a little more detail how it all goes down, or paint a picture for you. I take one day a week to work on my dance experiment. I start off with a warm-up which can take a good thirty to forty minutes. I prefer the type of warm-up that is done in Jazz class as it is very thorough, working on both strengthening and stretching multiple parts of the body. When I’m feeling particularly excited or loopy and since I’m alone with a friend, I can go a little nutty with the dance moves before I go into serious warm-up mode. It’s fun and gets my excess energy out a bit. I’m really enjoying getting back into shape. I’m more flexible every week and my bodies getting stronger too. For example, I can do the splits again in every direction. I love it!

After warming-up, I either work on adjusting a well-known dance move to my particular limitation and / or work on choreographing a dance that is safe for my Achilles tendons. I only have so long to do all this, of course, so I concentrated my time the last two weeks on finishing up the dances I’d begun. Mostly, because I want to move on and choreograph to a new song I was recently introduced to. My dances are only the length of one verse and one chorus, which is all I want to do right now. I want to keep things short. Since I haven’t choreographed in years, this has been a good exercise for me. I feel like I’m stretching my creative muscles again.

Songwriting-wise, I’ve been quite prolific of late. I’ve written four new songs in the past few weeks and another two before then. I cannot wait until I can start working on them with some musicians.

Go to for the completed dance to “Till I Get Over You”

Go to for the completed dance to “Rock God”

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