The Best Medicine

Dancing is the greatest therapy. Something about the physical and emotional outlet just does it for me every time. That good kind of pain when you’re stretching something a little bit further than it wants to be stretched, the burning of the protesting muscles as you egg them on to do just a bit more, the wonderful release as you funnel all your pent-up emotions into your movements… There’s nothing quite like it.

This time around, I addressed the pique turn – done the same in both Ballet and Jazz – and the hitch kick. The adjustments I make to any move will be to find a way to execute it with my heels on the floor and without jumping. It’s my basic recipe. All in all, the pique turn and hitch kick are pretty easy moves to adjust. I worked only a very little on my two dances to “Rock God” and “Til I Get Over You” as time was short. But I’m making progress.

If anybody ends up reading this, I have a question for you. I would love to hear from you. What does dancing do for you? Do you find it at all therapeutic? Or is it sheer torture?

Go to for my explanation and adjustment to the pique turn.

Go to for my explanation and adjustment to the hitch kick.

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  1. meganvalery says:

    Thank you. I appreciate hearing from you.

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