Dancing For The Achilles-Challenged

Everyone knows (or should know) how dancing is not for the physically weak or wounded. It is an athletic sport demanding a great deal of the human body. Good dancers are extremely fit individuals. Their impressive musculature is visual proof of this. I used to be such a dancer, often putting in fifteen hours a week at the local dance studio. If I wasn’t at school, you could find me there, studying Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Pointe, and Scottish Highland dancing. Then, one day, I seriously injured both my Achilles tendons.

I know there are many dancers out there who suffer from Achilles tendon injuries and still manage to dance much as they ever did before. I don’t know what it says about me that I can’t seem to get to that place. I feel like I am missing some important ingredient to make my cake rise. Each time I’ve tried to dance again, I re-injure my tendons. I would dearly love to find a way to dance without that happening.

I do know this. I cannot give up. I cannot stop trying. I love it too much. Dancing is a part of my very being, it is in my soul. And I know what it is like to give up on dancing, because I did for a time. I was so afraid of hurting my Achilles tendons again I wouldn’t risk anything. I don’t want to go to that place again.

There’s a physically integrated dance movement going on. Dance companies are incorporating dancers who are physically or mentally disabled into their work. Many of these dance companies educate the public as well. I find this very exciting and wish to learn more. Hopefully, as I learn how to dance within my own limitations, I can go on to spread that knowledge with others.

Go to http://youtu.be/1bTjqA-d_BM to watch my youtube video.

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2 Responses to Dancing For The Achilles-Challenged

  1. L. Palmer says:

    This is where car dancing can come in handy – wave your arms, wiggle your legs, all without injury – as long as you’re paying attention to the road and don’t get in an accident…

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